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  • Familiar With the News Media’s Use of…

    Are you familiar with the news media’s use of half truths in the news? I’m sure there were many stories written about the effectiveness of using half truths as part of a campaign for the purpose of promotion. The problem is that not everyone has had success when it comes to half truths advertising. Some […]

  • Klieg Lights are Integral

    Klieg Lights are an integral part of entertainment. When you think of Klieg Lights, what do you think of? If it is a television, music or movie, you are probably thinking of the magnet on the television that turns your television into an antenna that attracts more channels to your television and it makes the […]

  • Hospitality industry

    Respirators have been used for a very long time in the Hospitality industry and it is important to take the time to fully understand them. A good place to start is with an explanation of how Respirators are used in the Hospitality industry. You will soon learn how Respirators are used in the Hospitality industry […]